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Richard Powers was one of the most prolific science fiction cover artists of the fifties and sixties. 

His abstract-surrealist style, influenced by Tanguay, Miro and Calder, brought a new maturity to the genre and was widely imitated. 

Vandewater Books is pleased to present a catalog of over 80 books--most of them first printings--with cover art by Richard Powers. The catalog is broken into three sections:

            I.  Paperbacks published by Ballantine Books

            II.  Paperbacks published by Berkley Books

            III.  Paperbacks by Miscellaneous Publishers, plus two hardbacks

You can read more about Richard Powers and his influence on Science Fiction iconography at these sites.

**Since this gallery was first posted, well over three-quarters of the books have sold. We are leaving the gallery up as a reference for collectors and fans.

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